The government, it said, should have refrained from accepting the provisions of the unequal Ministerial Decision on Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes without discussion with and approval of the States and Parliament.

"We stand opposed to this WTO Ministerial Decision, which constrains and infringes upon our sovereign right to provide price support to farmers as well as ensure food security for the hungry millions," it said in a statement. India has only given a new lease of life to the failed WTO, which was becoming irrelevant after the Doha Round, it added.

After four days of marathon negotiations at Indonesian island city of Bali, Trade Ministers from 159 countries agreed on the Bali Ministerial Declaration on Friday, which comprises of texts on trade facilitation, food security and development and LDC issues.

Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma described the decision as historic for India. "India has played a major role in the revival and re-energizing the Doha Round of talks. The Bali declaration is a positive step," Sharma said.

The Bali Ministerial, the Sabha said, also came up with an imbalanced package which will mean expensive customs agreement for developing countries in the name of Trade Facilitation. This is tailor-made to promote the interests of predatory agribusinesses who monopolize trade, it said.

The commitment to a work programme could lead to the damaging trade liberalization agenda of Doha Round being brought in and developing countries will have to cough up much more in addition to paying with trade facilitation now for arriving at a permanent solution, it added.


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