The two actresses belong to different eras in Bollywood. Raveena has been in the industry since 1991 and the two obviously have their own style of functioning. More importantly, they have a lot of hopes riding on the project where both play jazz singers.

Incidentally, at the wrap-up bash of the film on April 17, Raveena was conspicuous by her absence. Anushka skipped the event as she is shooting in Rajasthan for Navdeep Singh’s NH 10.
Raveena says, “I had to skip the party as I was running a high fever. I had informed Anurag that I would be unable to attend.”

About her equation with Anushka, she says, “We have no scenes together. I only have scenes with Ranbir Kapoor and Kay Kay Menon who also feature in the film. I am doing Bombay Velvet only because of Anurag, who I have known for over two decades.”

Raveena’s 1999 film, Shool, was penned by Anurag, who had also tutored her for her Bihari accent in the film.

A source says that the two actresses have been indifferent to each other. “If you see their styling for the film where they play jazz singers, you will realise that their looks are quite similar including the fringe look that Raveena has been sporting of late. Anushka too has a fringe look in the film. Now everyone knows that when two actresses step into each others’ territory — especially if it’s related to their looks — it creates some awkward moments,” says the source Raveena, however, only chooses to say, “The fringe I am sporting now is my summer look.”

Anushka’s spokesperson replies, “These are ridiculous rumours and this is getting tiresome. Anushka and Raveena have not shot together even for a single day. There is no room for discomfort. And why would there be? They are both doing different things in the film. In fact, Anushka loves the work Raveena has done in the film.”

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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