It is being said that after Kashyap went public with their relationship, Sabrina hasn’t reported back to work.

According to a source, “In a recent interview, Anurag said that he was seeing Sabrina. Upon reading this, her family was shocked. Her father, in particular, was upset because he was not aware of their affair. Until recently, he only knew that she was part of a big film. He was proud of her work but this revelation has come as a shock to him.”

The source, who is close to the filmmaker, adds that since then, Sabrina has stopped answering her phone. “We only know that her father is upset with her. She has not been coming to work for the past few days,” says the source.

It may be pointed out that Sabrina, who is in her 20s and is fondly called Sabby by Kashyap, has been assisting him on his film, ‘Bombay Velvet’.

Interestingly enough, in a recent interview, the filmmaker had said that he was in a happy phase right now.

Kashyap remained unavailable for comment.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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