Washington: The White House has issued a subtle warning that all options are on its table if the international community waits too long or does not act decisively against the Syrian regime, which is engaged in use of force against its own people.

However, such a statement should not be seen as something that the US is looking at some military action, a White House spokesman said, adding that the Obama Administration still believes in use of diplomatic and economic measures to restore normalcy in the country.

"I'm not hinting at imminent action or change. Our position is that it is not appropriate to contribute to the militarisation of Syria, that there is opportunity still now for this process to result in the departure from power of Assad and a democratic transition to begin to take place," the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters at a news conference.

Currently against militarisation of the Syrian opposition, he said the US will work with the "Friends of Syria" to help stand them up, to cement its organizational capacity, its unity, so that there is an entity in place as this inevitable transition. "It's not a question of if, but when Assad gives up the reins of power in the Syria," he said.

"So we will do that, working with the 'Friends of Syria,' working with this broad coalition of members of international community who are committed to the Syrian people, to their right to a democratic transition, and strongly condemn and oppose the brutality of the Assad regime," Carney said.

The international community has acted through the resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly, he said, but was quick to note that unfortunately, Russia and China vetoed a resolution that would have passed through the Security Council.

"But there is overwhelming international support for the condemnation of Assad and his regime's atrocities and actions, and overwhelming support for the Syrian people," he said.

"There's an ever-growing coalition of nations, if you will, who are part of the 'Friends of Syria' that the United States is part of, and together we will continue to enhance the pressure on Assad, continue to help the opposition become more functional," he said.

The United States, he said, will work with international community to provide humanitarian assistance.  "We will continue to press the international community to condemn Assad and his actions, and to take action to further pressure and sanction his regime," Carney said.