He said the people of Delhi have given the party a massive mandate and one should not indulge in these small acts. For the past few days, I have been hearing things about me and Prashant ji (Bhushan). 

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New stories are being planted and allegations are being leveled against (us) and conspiracies are being hatched. "I am saddened, but also find it funny. I find it funny because these are baseless. Those scripting stories have a lot of time but I feel sad with the intention.
The government of Delhi has given us our biggest victory. The time is to work after the big victory. The country has a lot of expectations from us. I can expect that from our small acts, we should not let this ray of hope become small," Yadav said in a Facebook post.
The AAP is undergoing an internal crisis with Bhushan  raising the issue of "one-person centric approach" in the party. Some seven months back Yadav had criticised Kejriwal of falling prey to "personality cult".

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"...one person-centric campaign, which was run during Delhi elections, is making our party look more and more like other conventional parties that are also one-person centric. The only difference being that we still claim that we are wedded to the principles of 'swaraj' while they don't.

"Running one person-centric campaign may be effective, but does that justify sacrificing our principles? We will need to make a conscious course correction if we have to get away from a supremo controlled party," Bhushan said in a letter to members of AAP National Executive, which met last Thursday.

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