New Delhi: If you are planning to go for gold shopping this Akshaya Tritiya, follow these guidelines.

Godliness of gold has always held a prominent place in traditional Indian families. The legacy of pure gold that passes from one generation to another is considered as the most pious gesture. However, certain points are necessary to be taken into consideration before heading for a gold purchase.

“On auspicious occasion like Akshaya Tritiya, customers flock in to gold showrooms in large numbers. We always educate our customers to go for 22 carat 91.6 hallmark BIS certificate jewellery. It is best out of all kind of gold jewelleries. Gold coins are available from 5 grams to 50 grams and their price may vary from Rs 11,000 to Rs 1,11, 500,” explained Harpreet Singh, owner of a jewellery showroom.

If a person has sufficient funds then gold bullion bars would be the way to go. These can be as small as one or half ounce bars or as large as one kilo bars or even the 400 ounce bars. Besides this, the price that we see in the news is not the actual price of the gold.

It is the price of gold futures. For actual price of gold one should look at what dealers are charging. Many people also take a good idea from auction sites such as eBay which shows the current value people are placing on gold.

“I’ve been investing in gold from long time and today know the ins and outs of this trade. After deciding what I want to buy in gold, the next question is from where to buy it from. Dealers tend to be more expensive. Verification is also required to rest assured that you are buying pure gold. Practicing due diligence is very important when buying gold bullion online,” said Arpita Kanotra, a gold investor and a housewife.

Courtesy: City plus

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