Check out the following facts to know a lot more about glasses and people who wear them.

1. Salvino D'Amarte, a native of Florence, Italy, is credited with inventing the first wearable pair of glasses.

2. More than 4 billion adults in the world wear eye glasses. Every 6 person out of 10 is seen wearing a glass now a days.

3. People who have difficulty in seeing distant objects are 'myopic' or 'nearsighted'. In such a case, the objects are focused in front of the retina. A concave mirror is used to correct the visionary problems faced by 'myopic' persons.

4. People who have trouble in reading or seeing things clearly that are closer to them are usually 'hyperopic' or 'farsighted'. The image in this case is formed behind the retina and it can be corrected by wearing a convex mirror.

5. Another reason that make people wear glasses is 'astigmatism'. The condition usually occurs when a part of the eye is irregularly shaped.

6. The anti-reflective coating that reduces the glare has been inspired by a moth's eye that eliminates reflection. AR coating is useful for both indoor as well outdoor uses. People who spend a lot of time on their computer tables are recommended to wear glasses with AR coating as they reduce the glare from the monitor, thus helping with the eye strain.

7. The modern glasses are generally made of plastics and not glasses. Plastic is much lighter than a glass and thus makes it easy to wear it whole day long. Moreover, it is a safer option as plastic is resistant to breaking or cracking.

8. Selection of perfect frame is another essential factor. A 'plano' format of the frame is like a regular spectacle where the non-prescription lens is mounted on a light frame and rests on the ears and nose. The eyewear may have side-shields to increase the angular coverage of the eye.

9. Eighty percent of the eye related problems are curable or even avoidable. Regular wearing of correct glasses can double your eye protection.

10. It is believed that if one wears glasses, his/her eyes are not healthy. This is purely a myth as wearing of eyeglasses has nothing to do with eye health. It is only concerned with a few normal changes occurring in parts of our eyes.


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