He joined the East India Company’s Army as a sepoy at an age of 22. He was a soldier in the 6th Company of the 34th Bengal Native Infantry.

He started the revolt in Barrackpore near Kolkata on March 29, 1857 by attacking his British sergeant as the Britishers had introduced a new type of cartridge which was, apparently, made of cow and pig fat. Later, he was arrested by the other sepoys.

It was Mangal Pandey’s efforts that spread the Sepoy Mutiny from Barrackpore to Meerut, Delhi, Kanpur and Lucknow. He was a diligent follower of Hinduism.

He was hanged till death on April 8, 1857. He is also remembered as a first martyr of Indian freedom movement.

Government of India on October 5, 1984 issued postage stamps which bore the image of Mangal Pandey.

A movie ‘The Rising’ (2005) was made on the events of Mangal Pandey’s life. The postal stamp depicts Mangal Pandey's image.


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