Unveiling the watch at an event in San Francisco, CEO Tim Cook talked about the watch's time capabilities, choices of finish and watch faces and a series of features called "glances".

India launch: June-July
Technology enthusiasts in India will have to wait longer to get their hands on the Apple Watch as the country does not feature in the nine countries chosen by the iconic brand to unveil its much-awaited smartwatch.

Expected price in India: Rs 30,000
According to analysts, the Apple Watch may cost well over Rs 30,000 for the base model.
They are of the view that the watch is expected to hit market in July this year. However, a section of the market feels that considering the growing importance of India, the watch could see its India debut even in June.

USD 17,000 (Rs 10.66 lakh) for Gold edition

Launched in three variants (Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition) and two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm), the Apple Watch will be priced between USD 349 (over Rs 21,800) to a whopping USD 17,000 (Rs 10.66 lakh) for the gold model.
The smartwatch would require iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.2. or higher versions.

18-hour battery life    

Apple Watch delivers up to 18-hour battery life and has digital face that can look like a traditional time piece.
According to the company, users will be able to make and receive calls, read e-mails, control music, manage Instagram photos and keep track of fitness using the smartwatch.

Up for purchase from April 24

Apple's first new device since Cook became CEO will be available for order on April 10 and in stores on April 24, including chic boutiques in Paris, London and Tokyo.
Apple Watch sport will start at USD 349

The Apple Watch sport will start at $349 for the smaller, 38-mm model. The standard version of the watch will start at $549 and the high-end "Edition" watch will be priced from $10,000, said Cook, who loved the Dick Tracy ability to hold phone calls by watch.
A $349 Sport model the same size has an aluminum case, a 'sport band' and a magnetic charging cable, and no case.

Look like traditional time pieces

All the watches share digital faces that can look like traditional time pieces, show the heart beat of a friend, and display photos and interfaces for apps.
Connect your Watch with your iPhone
In the presentation, Cook described the watch handling many functions currently associated with the iPhone, which tethers wirelessly to the watch and connects it to the Internet.
The watch will track exercise and remind wearers of events with a tap on the wrist.