Pizza is not a modern time dish, it is way older than you can think.

In some or other form, pizza has been around since the stone age. The most ancient form of pizza was a crude flat bread under the pile of hot stones.

The modern day pizza which we eat came from Naples.

In Naples, Italy,  flat-bread dishes were used in 18th or early 19th century. And these bread dishes later on evolved as modern day pizza which we eat today.

A bit of Mt. Vesuvius was put in the pizzas of Naples.

The first  pizzerias was opened up in Naples and lava stones from  Mt. Vesuvius were used to cook them.

Earlier, pizza was considered as food for poor.

Earlier, chefs never wanted to give pizzas the kind of importance they enjoyed today. They perceived it as the food for poor. But soon the combination of round flat bread with tomatoes, stirred curiosity even in the royal palace of Naples thus making the dish a type of economical food that could be enjoyed by all people.

Our Pizza Margherita is named after Queen Margherita.   

Pizza Margherita came into existence around 1889 when a Neapolitan pizza maker chef was commissioned by the Royal Palace of Capodimonte to prepare pizza for the visiting queen.

The chef made three pizzas and out of those, one striped in the colours of the Italian flag was preferred by the Queen. It had red of tomato, green of basil and white of mozzarella. Due to Queen Margherita’s strong liking of the preparation, this particular kind of pizza came to be known as Pizza Margherita!

Pizza is one of the staple dishes in America.

Pizza crawled in America in the late 90's. Today, pizza is no less than a staple food for the Americans with 350 slices being enjoyed each second.

The largest pizza weighs 51,257 pounds.

A team of five Italian chefs collaborated to prepare a 131 feet gluten-free pizza, which was named Ottavia (after the Roman emperor Octavia Augustus). It took them 48 hours just to get the dough ready.

Most expensive pizzas in the world have edible gold in them.

World’s most expensive pizzas named 'Pizza Royale 007' contains caviar, lobster, and 24 carat gold dust as ingredients! It is available at a staggering cost of 4,200 pounds at Haggis Restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland.

The more you eat pizza have lower risks of battling cardiovascular diseases.

A study has observed that the regular eaters of pizzas suffer with lower risks of contracting cardiovascular diseases and digestive tract cancers!

Saturday is said to be the most popular day to have pizzas.

A survey says that most number of pizzas worldwide are eaten on Saturday.


Fact source: Wikipedia

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