Lets have look at the cool new features.

New design

The first highlight of new Gmail is the red stripe across the top. It still have the slide-out menu on the left where you can switch accounts and view by Gmail's categories that include primary, social, promotions and updates.

The new Gmail appears  much cleaner, using the new material design aesthetic, introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop. More white space and the flatter look bring Apple's iOS to mind while remaining decidedly Google.

Multiple account supporter

The biggest change to the new Gmail is the ability to add email accounts from other services too. Users will be able to add both IMAP and POP accounts like Yahoo Mail, along with Outlook.com email addresses, right in the app.

It is lot more flexible with access to all your accounts where you had none before.

Interactive inbox

A new compose button in the lower right of your screen so can jump to writing a new email immediately. There are also new reply buttons at the bottom of every email so when you finish reading a message, you have access to quickly reply.

Another change is how many of the most common actions have been moved out of hidden app menus and into the Gmail app interface. In your inbox, there's a button at the top-right for quickly moving emails (or groups of emails) to a different folder, while in the compose view, a new attachment button now sits in the upper right.

New options for swiping

In the old Gmail app you only had the option to delete emails with a swipe. But a hidden new feature in the settings lets you choose how you want to deal with new messages.

By going into the general settings, you now have a listing for the Gmail default action. Here you can set it to either archive, which saves the email in your account, or delete the email entirely. Once you've made your selection, every time you swipe an email, it will default to that setting.

A newly looking Gmail

The new Gmail app is not very extraordinary, but instead, many smaller tweaks refine the interface to make things easier to get to. The ability to access other non-Gmail accounts is undoubtably a huge plus, reducing the number of apps you need to open to check your email.