Here, we bring you facts about Top seven nuclear power countries in the World

1. Russia

According, to the Federation of American Scientists, an organisation that assesses nuclear weapons, Russia possessed an estimated 8,500 nuclear warheads in 2013, the maximum any country has.

2. USA

USA is presently the world's largest producer of nuclear, accounting for more than 30 percent of worldwide nuclear generation of electricity. The 100 nuclear reactors in USA produced around 798 billion kWh in 2014


3. France

France derives 75 percent of its electricity from nuclear energy. Due to its low cost of electricity generation, France has become the world's largest net exporter of electricity and gains over 3 billion pounds per year from this. It is also building its first Generation III reactor

4. China

China has about 26 nuclear power reactors and plans to start many others. China produces most of its electricity from fossil fuels, mainly coal and hence,  the dragon country looks forward to increase nuclear power plants to reduce air pollution coal fired plants.

5. United Kingdom

The UK's Nuclear Future, published in 2013, sets out the UK government's clear expectation that nuclear will play a significant role in the UK energy mix in the future. At present, UK has 16 nuclear reactors generating about 18  percent of its electricity.


6. Pakistan

Pakistan does not come under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is the first Muslim country to construct and operate its own nuclear power plants.

7. India

According to the World Nuclear Association, India has largely indigenous nuclear power program and aims to supply 25 percent of its electricity from nuclear power by 2050. India has been developing a nuclear fuel cycle to exploit its reserves of thorium.

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