On his demise, let us pay tributes to Nek by remembering his artistic magnificence 'Rock Garden' which speaks of recycling and creativity at its best:

1. In order to set up 'his magical kingdom', Nek Chand had secretly started developing a small forest near the famous Sukhna Lake. It later turned out to be famous Rock Garden.

2. The sculptures in Chandigarh Rock Garden are made using waste materials, including broken bathroom tiles, crockery, glass bangles, electrical fittings and bicycle frames.

3. All the mosaic sculptures are in shape of gods, men, women, animals, soldiers, palaces and villages.

4. Rock Garden, opened in 1976, is now spread over an area of 40 acres.

5. Approximately, 2.5 lakh people from India and abroad visit the garden each year.

6. The garden generates a revenue of around Rs 1.8 crore annually through the sale of tickets.

7. The Rock Garden remains open all seven days in a week.

8. On an average, it takes around 4-5 hours to complete the tour of garden.

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