Mark Zuckerberg, being inspired by his last visit, this time held his townhall at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. We summarize to you the important points discussed at the Townhall.


  • India is the largest democracy. Mark Zuckerberg feels he cannot connect the world without connecting India.
  • Zuckerberg listed Availability, Affordability and Awareness as the key factor as in why people do not have free access to internet.
  • Zuckerberg keen to explore how FB can help poor uneducated people.
  • FB plans to invest in new ways to bring connectivity. Its focus is on apps that use less data
  • Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook would continue to lobby for net neutrality and plans to provide free internet access to people.
  • Zuckerberg further talked about his personal experience with Facebook and also suggested the young entrepreneurs.