A Diya also symbolises knowledge. We light the lamp to bow down to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth. It inspires us to be knowledgable and not ignorant. Knowledge is the light that can erase the darkness of ignorance.

This Diwali, forget buying electric or artifical lamps and invest more in natural diyas to keep us rooted to our culture and history.

Here are top five types of diyas which will definitely make your Diwali a prosperous one:

1. Clay diyas: Such diyas are made for temporary use. Clay diyas are often used for Diwali and other festivals for lighting and are easily available at cheap rates. Buying clay diyas will also have an impact on the economically weaker section of the society and people making these diyas still need light to brighten their lifes. 


2. Silver diyas: Diyas made out of silver is generally used to please Moon God. It is believed that lighting silver diya will keep poverty out of house.


3. Gold diyas: People involved in business light gold diyas. It is meant to be auspicitous for business to expand and also cures many diseases.


4. Iron diyas: diyas made of strong metal can be reused over the years and iron diyas also come under this category. Iron diyas are lighted to please God Shani.


5. Brass diyas: Brass is also easily available in the market. In India, brass diyas can be spotted in almost every function and also during festivals.

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