Allahabad: The Allahabad High Court stated that if any person requires arms licence for safety, his demand cannot be ruled out.

Justice Sudhir Agrawal of the High Court stated that possessing arms licence for own safety was a basic right of every individual.

The court also expressed its displeasure after the state government did not comply with its orders. The court slapped a fine of Rs 25, 000 on the state government and directed the District Magistrate of Ghaziabad to take fresh decisions in arms licence.

Appearing for the petitioner Tej Pal Singh Chauhan, advocate Santosh Kumar Tripathi said that even after the court issued directives twice in this regard, the application for arms licence was rejected.

According to the magistrate, Singh was denied the licence as he had received no training to handle such a weapon and that allowing him to possess the same could "endanger public peace and safety".

However, the court maintained that the demand for licence can be rejected only when it is obtained for wrongdoings.