Greater Noida: With baited breath villagers, builders and investors are waiting for the outcome of the Allahabad High Court hearing on the Noida extension land acquisition case on coming Monday. The decision is likely to have a major impact on the Noida extension plans.

The farmers outside the extension have also filed their petitions in the court which would also be heard in the court on Monday.

The Greater Noida Authority is keeping its fingers cross for the hearing as it is of the view that if the court on the basis of Patwari and Saberi, cancels the acquisition of the other villages as well then major builders including Delta, Omicron, JU, MUIE, Knowledge Park-5 and Sector 3 would have to suffer.

The emergency clause of the acquisition which was used for the villages coming under the extension was also applied for other villages too.

Patwari, Saberi, Bisrakh, Roza Yakubpur, Itheda, Haibatpur, Aminabad, Khairpur and 11 other villages come under the Noida Extension.

Other than these villages, the farmers of the Sakipur, Rasoolpur Rai, Jaitpur-Vaispur, Ghodi Bacheda, Tushyana, Khanpur, Jutpur, Sustyana, Sirsa, Dadha, Dhabara, Dewla have challenged the land acquisition policy in the court.

In these villages, land has been allotted for many residential sectors, IT companies, Educational institutes, Commercial complex and industrial developments.

In addition to residential complexes, Delta 1, 2 and 3 and Gama 2 is situated in Sakirpur village. In Ghodi Bacheda and Dadha Omicron 1, 2 and 3 have been allotted land. The Authority has constructed more than four thousand houses in these areas. If the court quashes the land acquisition, then all sectors are bound to suffer.

JPN/ Bureau