Allahabad: An eight-hour surgery on an eight-year-old girl, which saw nearly 300 cysts being removed from her brain, has earned a city-based neurosurgeon a proud entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Dr Prakash Khetan, who had conducted the operation at a private hospital here on April 13 this year, recently received a certificate and a communication from the office of the Guinness World Records whereby he was informed of their acknowledgement of his feat.
"I have been told that the surgery I had conducted on the eight-year-old girl Reshma already finds a mention on the website of the Guinness World Records and that it would feature in the upcoming edition of their esteemed book of world records", Khetan told reporters here.
He said the girl, who hailed from the impoverished district of Banda in Uttar Pradesh, was operated upon for "hydatid cysts - a parasitic disease that is usually found in dogs but may also afflict humans who live in poor hygienic surroundings".
The number of cysts stood at a mind-boggling 296. Earlier, the highest number of cysts ever reported in an individual's brain stood at 18", Khetan said.
"The girl is now doing well after surgery, which is hugely satisfying. Recognition from an esteemed body like the Guinness World Records comes as a bonus", he added.