New Delhi: Observing that only trade ties have seen tangible progress in the resumed Indo-Pak talks, Pakistan on Friday said all issues, including Siachen and Kashmir, must also "move in tandem" to sustain the peace process.
Terming the current atmospherics between the two countries as "satisfactory", Shahid Malik, who is on his way out after serving as the High Commissioner of Pakistan for the longest time-period, said "small dents" have also started appearing in the "trust-deficit".
However, he warned that there was a very "small window of opportunity" which should be seized by the two countries to make best while "going was good" between India and Pakistan.
"I feel dents have started to show by these frequent meetings and interactions," and that "there are some areas where one can notice a lot of progress," Malik said in an interview.
"But I will very quickly add, it is also important that other issues and problems that have not moved forward should also move alongside. It should not be that one reaches the finish point and others are still in the middle," he said.
Elaborating further, the Pakistan High Commissioner said it is "good" that trade relations are increasing because they create a momentum of their own, a momentum which makes things move forward.
"But I would want that along with this, progress should be made on other issues like Siachen, Sir Creek, Kashmir, water issues. There should be a move forward in these also.
There is a golden phrase, all issues must move in tandem," he said.
Asked if he meant there was no progress happening in the issues mentioned by him, Malik said, "It is not happening to such a level it should happen. It is very good that trade is going forward, but, I would want that other things to move forward with the same speed".


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