New Delhi: The Peruvian Financial Intelligence (FIU) has reported that the European countries are being used as hot destinations by the terror group al-Qaeda to route money to India.

According to the report, the FIU found at least one case of such suspicious transaction by al-Qaeda every month and shared them with the US investigators.

"The FIU also reports tracking cases similar to that of an OFAC-designated (US Office of Foreign Assets Control) of al-Qaeda element moving money from Europe through Lima and on to India," the report leaked by Wikileaks quoting FIU head Enrique Saldivar disclosed.

"Of the 7,710 suspicious activity reports examined by FIU analysts in 2009, 781 resulted in financial intelligence reports sent to the Public Ministry for further processing and investigation. Based on these 781 intelligence reports, the FIU concludes more than 3 billion USD moved illegally through Peru's financial sector in 2009," said the report.

As per the FIU, 83 per cent of this amount is related to drug trafficking. The other 17 per cent is reportedly related to fiscal fraud, corruption and illegal gun dealing. Currently, 308 of these intelligence reports are at various stages of investigation and prosecution in the legal system – as compared to four cases in 2008.