The deal could result in the company paying a fine of up to USD 700 million, a media report said.

"A settlement of that size (USD 700 million) would mean the largest-ever criminal penalty related to foreign-bribery allegations wrenched from a corporation by the Justice Department," media reported, adding that the deal could be announced in coming weeks.

In a statement, Alstom acknowledged of the discussions with the Justice Department in this regard.
"Further to recent press reports, Alstom confirms the existence of discussions with US  Department of Justice with respect to its current investigations. Further information will be disclosed in due course," the company said in a statement.

The Justice Department has described the Alstom case a result of international co-operation.

"Earlier this year, countries around the world worked together to bring to justice individuals and companies engaged in a scheme to bribe government officials in Indonesia," the Assistant Attorney General Leslie R Caldwell said in her remarks in Paris early this month.

Executives of Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese trading company; Alstom, a French energy company; corporate executives and others reportedly engaged in a multi-year scheme to pay  millions of dollars to a high ranking member of the Indonesian Parliament and other Indonesian officials in exchange for assistance in securing a USD 118 million contract to provide  power-related services in Indonesia.

"Participants in the scheme met in United States to discuss the bribery and paid bribes from the United States to a corrupt intermediary with US bank accounts," she said.

"In United States, we charged Marubeni Corporation for its participation in the scheme. Marubeni pleaded guilty and paid an USD 88 million penalty," she said, adding that US also charged four Alstom executives for their roles, three of whom have pleaded guilty and one of whom is awaiting trial.

"We are actively continuing to investigate and anticipate additional law enforcement actions in the near future. Meanwhile, the former Indonesian Parliament member was charged in Indonesia. He was found guilty of accepting bribes and was sentenced to three years in prison," Caldwell said.

"These actions, and others that were brought against Alstom by authorities in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the World Bank for additional corrupt conduct, were made possible by international cooperation. These coordinated global actions are a powerful demonstration of the successes we can achieve when we work together," she said.
According to a daily, any settlement likely would reflect the global approach American prosecutors are taking to foreign bribery prosecutions.

US prosecutors began investigating Alstom in 2009 after Swiss authorities had begun their own bribery investigation of the firm, another person familiar with the matter said.

In 2011, Swiss authorities ordered Alstom to pay 38.5 million Swiss francs (USD42 million) for failing to prevent bribery, the newspaper said.

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