Indore: An engineer in the rural engineering department of the state was booked on Saturday for alleged brawl with the IG Indore Anuradha Shanker during video conferencing with the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

Mahendra Jain,55, a government engineer was allegedly drunk at the time video conferencing began in the afternoon on Saturday and suddenly started “shouting” in the presence of  other senior officers leading to an altercation between the him and IG Shankar at the commissioner’s office here.

Officers present at the conference hall were shocked seeing sudden change in the behavior of Jain.

Police was called from the nearest MG road police station and Jain was taken into custody and sent for medical check-up.

Jain was reportedly drunk and was uttering “nonsense” from the commissioner’s office to hospital. 

He was purportedly claiming to be Dara Singh and mentioning to be winner of many wrestling titles.

“He was under treatment and will be booked after being discharged from the hospital.” Police said.

According to the sources, Jain has been mentally disturbed for some time.