Rampur (UP):  Expelled Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh on Wednesday alleged that Congress-led UPA government has overlooked RLD chief Ajit Singh's past while inducting him into the Union Cabinet.

Congress had ignored past's factual statistics, which reveal that Ajit Singh had supported saffron politicians like LK Advani, said Singh.

 "It was me who supported Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during their very odd days," claimed the newly formed Lok Munch's national president.

Singh was addressing a rally here to garner support for his party's candidate.

 "I happen to be the savior of Manmohan Singh's government, due to my 'jugad' (Planning) some Lok Sabha members had agreed to support the government and prevent it from its downfall but Congress played deceptive tactics against me," Singh claimed.

In December last year, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had inducted Rashtriya Lok Dal leader Ajit Singh into his cabinet.

The 72-year-old from the Jat community, who was handed the civil aviation portfolio, wields considerable influence among farmers in western Uttar Pradesh.

Supporting the demand of a judicial inquiry into the Delhi's Batala house encounter, Singh said, "Muslims have genuinely been demanding impartial enquiry into the Batla House encounter, but the Congress has failed them," he said.

Singh also alleged that due to the ongoing elections several Congress leaders have been making hue and cry over the reservation for Muslims to befool the community.

"One of them has dared to offer 20 per cent reservation which emits fowl smell of dirty  politics," he said.

"The merciful God has given two hands to each Muslim and they were competent enough to put in hard work and earn their livelihood," he said.

Talking about his relation with the SP and its supremo, Singh said, "I have committed a sin by wasting twelve years of my life in the company of Mulayam Singh. It was also a sin against Muslim brethren."