He sought all party consensus on the matter so that the farmers are not forced to take the extreme and desperate steps like suicides.

"Without wasting any time in politicking over the issue let us move fast to enact the law to save the land and the lives of our farmers", Amarinder said in an appeal to all the political parties.

At the same time, he said, the state government will have to provide guarantee so that the arthiyas (the commission agents) also do not suffer any financial losses.

"It is very much possible and practicable and it only needs a sincere and strong will on part of the government", he remarked.

Expressing grief over the suicide by a farmer and his mother in Jodhpur village in Barnala district after he saw police coming to dispossess him of his land following the court orders, Amarinder said, a strong law, which he has already proposed is the only solution.

The former Chief Minister claimed he had mooted the legislation during his previous term in 2006. However, since Congress lost power, the Akalis did not follow it up during the last nine years for the reasons best know to them, he said.

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