Amarinder said despite his wife and son having already furnished all details and answers to questions raised by Income Tax department from time to time, the Government of India with an 'obvious questionable motive' wanted to highlight this particular case.

He alleged that the information is aimed at stalling the proposed reshuffle of Punjab Congress due to which the ruling BJP-Akali alliance in the state is feeling 'threatened' and that is why the Centre is using 'dirty tricks' and central agencies to 'harass' him and his family.

The Amritsar MP is likely to lead Punjab Congress in the proposed reshuffle which is to be announced soon.

"The matter of 'foreign bank accounts' is pending before Income Tax Authorities since 2011 where it has been clearly stated that neither my wife, nor my son or me have any foreign bank account," he clarified and pointed out that the Swiss authorities in their notification have nowhere stated that Praneet Kaur and Raninder Singh have Swiss bank account(s).

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