Singh, who is contesting election against BJP senior leader Arun Jaitley in the general election, was responding to Jaitley’s assumption that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail would destroy small traders at a place like Amritsar.

"Jaitley can't create panic by spreading a rumour without any substance", said Singh.
Singh said that BJP has been practising theo-fascism (right wing authoritarianism) by creating fear and hatred among one section of the people against the other for partisan purposes, and now it was trying to use the same trick about the FDI in retail.
He asked the BJP leader to explain how FDI in retail was going to hit the common retailers.
"If the powerful domestic behemoths could not pose any threat to the small traders across the country how will the foreign investors do that?" the Congress leader said.
He alleged that BJP was creating a sense of fear and hostility against the foreign investors in retail segment.
"Jaitley is so self-contradictory that on the one hand he welcomes FDI and at the same time he opposes it in the retail sector," the Congress leader said.
He said "you can't practise partial-liberalism, this will only mean that like a pseudo-Punjabi you are a pseudo-liberal".
The senior Congress leader advised Jaitley not to spread disinformation and create panic among the small traders for petty partisan reasons.
He said, this was a typical fascist trait to first spread a rumour and then create panic and fear among people to trap and mislead them for their support.
"For country’s sake please don't create fear and panic among the people. You have already done it in the past and divided people to great harm to the nation and don't do it now with the economy," he urged Jaitley and the BJP.


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