Although Indian food is gaining popularity, but people around the world just don’t do the food like Indians do. Here is a list of food habits that you will witness only in India.     

1. We stuff everything in anything: Don't believe? Egg parantha, Chicken Dosa, Chinese thali- can it get more weird? We enjoy it all and love to have such stuffing.

2. Indian-isation of international cuisine: Butter chicken pasta, paneer tikka pizza, aloo tikki burger, Indian taco, vegetable lasagne, tandoori momo and what not? We have Indian versions of any international food item and they are just delicious.

3. Hot spicy flavour: What is India without spice? Don't forget that even Vasco Da Gama invaded Kerala for pepper and other exquisite spices. Dishes like chicken kali mirch, chilli paneer, tadka dal, chicken chettinad, mughlai chiken are named spicy. A life without spice is unimaginable for Indians.

4. In love with ghee: We Indians are in love with ghee. Ghee is part of any Indian cuisine. Ghee is used in saag, south Indian dal, parantha, and almost every dish made in India. We make, eat and drink ghee.

5. Burp is an expression of a good meal: Burping might be an awkward moment abroad but in India, we proudly burp to express how satisfied we are after a good meal. We proudly burp like a boss!

Arya Lakshmi/JPN

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