New York: Piggyback writer! An amazing little piglet in wheelchair has not just hogged the limelight on the Internet but also secured a three-book deal.
Chris P Bacon, the piglet born without the use of his hind legs, has overcome his disability and beaten the odds to become a worldwide star after being fitted with a custom-made wheelchair.
When Chris was born in Florida, a woman brought him into Len Lucero's veterinary office, assuming the animal would be put down.
But when Lucero noticed how the tiny pig pulled himself along with his front legs, he said he could not go through with it and took him home, a website reported.
Lucero built a wheelchair out of some of his son's toys so Chris could move around, then found a dog-sized harness and cart.
"Chris P Bacon was born with malformed hind legs," Lucero said. "For most animals, this would lead to their ultimate demise. For Chris P Bacon, this is only the beginning of the rest of his life."

Chris found fame as a piglet when a YouTube video of him and his tiny wheelchair went viral. Since then, he has mastered his wheels and also pigged out, growing to a healthy
He is a bona fide Internet celebrity now, boasting his own website, Twitter account and Facebook page, which shares daily updates about his life, the report said.
And thanks to his internet-savvy owner, Chris secured a publishing deal with Hay Books, meaning he will be bringing home the bacon.


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