Potential buyers can choose from two variants of the e-reader, the Wi-Fi model that costs Rs 16499 and the other variant featuring WiFi and 3G supports costs Rs 20499.

There is no surprise that Kindle Voyage will only be available for purchase on Amazon. Kindle Voyage features 300ppi display. The thickness measures only 7.6mm, making it the company's slimmest e-reader so far.

Kindle Voyage's screen is shielded with micro-etched glass layer that eliminates glare to remove chances of any stress on the reader's eyes. Also, the surface of the screen has been crafted with such material that whenever you touch it, it feels like you are touching a paper. The company has focused a lot on giving its users a book-like experience.

Amazon has added PagePress, a new hardware which makes the page turning process better and it creates no hassle as it does in case of e-book readers. You just need to pressurise e-book reader's bezel a little to give it to flip a page and the gadget silently follows.

The Kindle Voyage has been blessed with 4GB internal storage capacity which can easily hold and manage thousands of e-books at a time, the company assures.

The new front light on the Kindle Voyage adjusts brightness automatically after sensing the user's environment. It can also be adjusted manually. The company claims that Kindle Voyage gets fully charged in approximately 3 hours which can last up to six weeks when used half an hour a day with light setting adjusted to 10.

The device measures 162 mm x 115 mm x 7.6 mm. The Wi-Fi variant weighs 180g, whereas the Wi-Fi + 3G variant weighs 188g.