In this gadget-crazy era, it’s almost impossible to imagine that a low-end e-reader would grab headlines from smartphones or tablets. But in case of Amazon's latest batch of new tablets, announced this week, it's exactly what has happened.

Kindle weighs just 6.3 ounces and is 0.30 inches thick meaning that it's light enough and small enough to hold with one hand. The Kindle Voyage rejects plastic in favor of a magnesium rear body cover.

But it's not just the body dimensions or the high-quality material choices for the casing that make the Voyage stand out, it's the screen.

Amazon claims that the 300 ppi 6-inch monochrome display will look and feel like reading a sheet of laser-printed paper.

And that's because along with the superb resolution the glass itself is micro-etched so that it cuts out glare and has a tactile, paper-like feel when touching the display to swipe between pages or highlight words.

And that’s not all; the bookworms will face absolutely no hiccups in operating the device. For instance, while holding the device, the pages of Kindle Voyage can be turned without swipes, just press your thumb gently on the screen's bottom corner and the page gets turned.

The premium experience device comes with a premium tag. While in US, the Kindle devices have been priced at USD 199. The prices are expected to elevate further in other countries.

As for the Indian users the wait is long as the device is likely to hit the market only in mid-October. It’s expected to be priced at around Rs 15,000.