Bhopal: In an initiative to bring a qualitative improvement in the education delivered in Madhya Pradesh colleges, the Department of Higher Education has resolved to appoint an ' Ambassador Professor' for each district.

While the project was initially prepared keeping the rural belts in mind, the Education Department later decided to implement it in the entire state.

Apprising about the motive behind introducing ' Ambassador Professor', Minister of Department of Higher Education, Lakshmikant Sharma said, “The Ambassador Professors will be part time professors to tackle the problem of faculty crunch in the state especially in rural and small town colleges. They will ensure to fill the existing vacuum created by the poor ratio between teacher and student in district colleges.”

The Ambassador Professor will be selected from the existing permanent faculty of the state colleges in urban belts. Principles and Professors of different departments will be selected as 'Ambassador Professor'. The implementation of new scheme will give also benefit newly appointed Professors at permanent position in state colleges.

For the selection process, the Professors will have to submit their application at Agrani College before September 15. On the basis of received applications, a panel of three teachers will be formed at district level. For every subject there will be three Professors who will work as part time faculty in small town colleges.

The selection of the candidate will be done by Commissioner Higher Education and the enrollment of the appointed Professor will last for one year.

The main duty of the Ambassador Professor will include one compulsory visit to colleges in every semester. The visit for remaining semester will only be decided by the Principal of that particular college.

At the end of the session, the faculty will have to provide details on the improvement in quality of education in colleges.