New Delhi: In a major embarrassment to the UPA government, an American daily, Washington Post, has called Manmohan Singh as an ineffective Prime Minister inflicted by policy paralysis. Peeved by the outlook of the US daily, the government has decided to take up the matter with the United States.

Time magazine dubs PM as 'underachiever

Govt to seek apology from US daily

Taking a further jibe at the Prime Minister, the newspaper has termed Manmohan Singh the head of a very corrupt government.

According to the newspaper, the fall in Manmohan Singh’s reputation has come with the deteriorating economic condition of the country which has raised serious doubts on India’s prospects to become a world superpower.

Earlier,'Time' magazine and a British daily ‘The Independent’ had also raised fingers on Manmohan Singh’s capabilities as a Prime Minister and an able statesman.

The 'Time' magazine had dubbed the Prime Minister as an ‘underachiever’ whereas ‘The Independent’ had called Manmohan Singh a puppet in the hands of Congress chairperson.

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