Clad in Indian dress, Millar, who got an invitation of Krishna's wedding through Facebook, not only attended the ceremony but also followed every ritual of the marriage during her one week stay at Gorakhpur. On Friday, a palm of gloom descended over the family when Millar boarded her flight to America. Although she invited the newly-wedded couple to visit her in America.

Dibra N. Millar and Krishna Tiwari have set an example for believing in building relationships on social media sites. Krishna Tiwari who has 182 friends from different parts of the world on his friend list but his relationship with 60-year-old Millar became so strong that the bound finally culminated into the most beautiful relation of mother and son.

Millar who always wished for a child, found Krishna's character embedded with all the qualities of a perfect son. Many believed that since she always craved for a child in her lifetime, this led to the deep rooted relationship between Millar and Krishna.

To attend the marriage of her Facebook son, Dibra N. Millar flew down to Gorakhpur on 25 January and attended the 'Tilak' ceremony on 26 January. Next day, she went to Kushinagar and nearby places and on 30 January she became the part of the groom's wedding procession.

The vast Indian marriage rituals have a special place in the global forum and Dibra N. Millar also knew few of them. From 'Haldi' (Termic) ritual to Groom procession, Millar was seen at every program.

She has become an inspiration for those Indians who are moving away from their tradition and culture.