Specially designed small four-wheelers equipped with big LCD screens and ampli speakers are playing his speeches where he could be seen appealing to people to vote for the lotus which he associates with 1857 revolt.

‘Haath me kamal aur dil me Modi’ (Lotus in hand and Modi in heart), he is seen appealing on a customised four-wheeler standing outside the railway station.

"In Amethi, we have two such vehicles carrying speech and campaign songs," said Saurabh Shukla, the BJP worker running this vehicle.

He said he is taking this vehicle to various places here for the past three months.

"I take it to various spots in the city volunteer three months. At each spot, I stay for half an hour during which I play one speech of Modiji and a campaign song through a laptop. This continues from nine in the morning to seven in the evening every day," he said.

He is assisted by Om Prakash Kharbada, who claims himself to be a Sangh Mandal Karwah.

"I was doing campaign for Rajnathji. Now, I have come here," he said.

When asked about reasons for campaigning for Modi, Shukla, a second-year student at the degree college here, says the Congress did nothing in last 60 years.

"You can see the condition of roads, schools, hospitals etc. Is this the constituency of a family which ruled the country for 60 years," he asked.

Amethi, which has elected a Gandhi family member as MP eight times, will go to polls on May 7.

All the major papers here carried a full-page advertisement saying Modi is about to arrive.


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