New Delhi: Taking serious note of the recent incident where four naval officers were found leaking confidential information on a social networking site, the Indian Army on Friday asked its officials and personnel to remove all the pictures and information showing their affiliation to the service from their personal profiles on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.

However, the sources clarified that Army has not imposed a blanket ban on its people to have their profiles on social networking sites in personal capacity but have strictly barred of sharing any information that reveals their location and does not serve in the nation’s interest.

Meanwhile, the sources said a Board of Inquiry (BoI) at the Mumbai-based Western Naval Command (WNC), has apparently recommended dismissal from services for two commander-rank naval officers out of the four who were found divulging information about the location of warships and other confidential data on Facebook.

Notably, this will be for the first time in the past one year, senior ranked naval officers are facing stringent action for leaking the confidential information on the social websites.

Earlier, the Navy had dismissed one of its official, Commander Sukhjinder Singh for his liaison with a Russian woman and sharing confidential information with her about the Gorshkov carrier deal.