The BJP leader also raked up the issue of hooting of then Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, saying it is the people of Maharashtra who have to clap for him for the work done and not his party.

"Elect such a government which could re-establish the pride of Maharashtra, ensure all-round development of the state and make it Number 1 among all states.

"The country can only progress if there is development of Maharashtra. There should be such a government here which supports the Centre," he said addressing poll rallies in Hadapsar and Lonavala in the district.

Shah alleged Congress and NCP have indulged only in scams in the last 15 years of rule in the state and 10 years rule at the Centre. The two parties do not have leaders of national stature, he claimed.

"There is no national leader in Congress. NCP also does not have any national leader.

"Who is there in Congress? Rahul Gandhi. Congress leader Digvijay Singh says Congress could not do well in the Lok Sabha elections as Rahul Gandhi did not speak much. Digvijayji, had Rahul Gandhi spoken more, Congress would not even have got 44 seats in the Lok Sabha polls," he said.

Taking a dig at Chavan for not attending any function where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present as he was hooted, Shah said, "The way you have ruled Maharashtra, there can be nothing except hooting. For last 10 years at the Centre and 15 years in Maharashtra, you gave a corrupt regime and you expect that BJP should make provision of claps in your favour. It is the people of Maharashtra who will clap, not any political party."

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