The task was enormously difficult as the BJP was locked in a duel with the Congress which had finished second in the politically crucial state of Uttar Pradesh in 2009 general elections.

And in order to traverse through the political platform without any hiccups, the saffron party gave Amit Shah, one of the close aides of its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi a target of ensuring victory of 40 candidates.

The Congress, on the other hand banked on Madhusudhan Mistry but the senior leader could not reward the party with anything good and positive. Contrary to what Amit Shah was doing, by bringing his political skills, acumen and resourcefulness into application, Mistry adopted an over-the-top aggressive route, which eventually backfired.

If the projections of exit polls are to be believed, Rajnath Singh-led party will bag more than 50 seats and the Congress tally will reduce drastically.

When Amit Shah was appointed UP in-charge in May last year, he had a stiff challenge of unifying and galvanizing the party, which was in tatters of sorts in the state. Besides, in order to make Modi prime minister, it was crucial for the BJP to bag over 40 seats in the state.

It needs to be mentioned here that that the BJP had got only 10 seats in 2009 elections, and Amit Shah was given a target to achieve over 40 seats. Amit Shah not only took the challenge head-on but also made a competent ‘army’ of BJP workers in the entire state. He sidelined all those leaders who were acting as an obstacle of sorts and promoting groupism.

Talking about Madhusudhan Mistry, who played quite an important role in making Congress reap rich dividends in the southern states of Kerala and Karnataka, could not provide effective and his antics like climbing on pole did nothing more than attracting the attention of media and spoiling any possible prospect for this party.

The Congress, which was already sulking and slogging hard to stand the beatings of anti-incumbency wave, could do nothing more than sitting silent and watching it’s vessel  getting divagated in the shallow waters of political ocean.

Sonia Gandhi-led party was expecting that it would be able to repeat its 2009 performance and stick to at least 21 seats but a lackluster campaigning by the central leadership coupled with Mistry’s directionless leadership further spoilt the party’s electoral chances.

However, with due course of time, Mistry seems to have realized the situation and kept himself confined to Vadodara and backed out of Uttar Pradesh before facing any embarrassment.


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