Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan has called himself "a rotten actor." Big B made this statement after he realised his mistake in one of the scenes of his 2005 film Black directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

He had asked on his social media site about the mistake that he did in the dining table scene in the film. He writes, “Black revolves around a blind and deaf girl, played by Rani Mukerji, and her relationship with my character Sahay, her teacher, who develops Alzheimer’s.

When I inform at the table that Rani had dictated a letter to me to be read at the table, especially for her sister, I took out the letter to read, and then my hand went straight to my upper pocket of the jacket to pull out the glasses to read... Mistake.

I needed to feel around in my other pockets to ascertain where my glasses were, instead of my hand directly going to the pocket. For someone who is soon getting into the symptoms of Alzheimer, where patients forget where and what they do, it was incorrect of me to go straight to my pocket.

Aah! Still cringe every time I think of the mistake, or see it on replays! Damn! I am such a rotten actor.”

By the way...

Remember Aamir Khan had pointed out a long list of flaws in Black? He had been pretty vocal about it too.

Mr Perfectionist had failed to understand how Rani could narrate the story in her own voice when her character was speech and hearing impaired.

He felt Black was an emotionless film and there were certain things that didn’t make sense in the movie -- like whether Rani’s house in the film was a church, library or a house!

Wonder if Aamir had noticed the dining table scene too! Phew!


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