Sushant Rohilla had last month taken his life at his home after being allegedly told by the Amity's Law School that he cannot appear for his third-year exams because of insufficient attendance. He mentioned in his suicide note that he felt like a failure.

Sushant's classmates have also alleged that he was harassed by his teachers. They took to social media and protests on campus to demand action against his professors. Two of the accused professors have already resigned.

Raghav Sharma, a friend of Sushant, who is also a student at Amity, has written to the Chief Justice of India, TS Thakur, asking for Amity to be tried for abetting the suicide. The letter is being treated by judges as a Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

On the other hand, an investigation carried out by Amity has concluded that professors followed the correct policies on attendance. Officials informed the court that Sushant and his parents had been warned via email about insufficient attendance.

"See to it that such incidents don't happen again," the Supreme Court, which appointed elite lawyer Fali Nariman to assist it in the case said, as it asked Amity Law School to formally present all facts relevant to the case.