New Delhi: 'Stanley Ka Dabba' the debut movie of writer-actor Amol Gupte will be displayed tax free in the capital city, thanks to Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Gupte, the writer of acclaimed films like 'Taare Zameen Par' and 'Kaminey' has already won over the critics with the heartwarming tale of an orphan and his struggles to get a 'dabba' for school.

And after watching the film, Dikshit decided to exempt the movie from taxes, so that the audience, both grownups and children, can watch the film at cheaper prices.

"The movie is beautifully made and I really liked it. The movie can be enjoyed by the entire family and I think it’s a must watch for everybody. So I have decided to make it tax free," said Dikshit after a screening at the Film Division Auditorium.

"The movie should be promoted at schools so that children and teachers can be sensitised to the issues like child labour, which is a cause of worry for our society," she added.

Gupte who also wrote the script of the film and stars in it alongside son, 11-year-old Partho, said that the film is a comment on child labour and the need for a mid-day meal plan.

Gupte said,"The movie is a pledge against child labour and showcases how poverty affects innocent children. If people can stand besides Anna Hazare they can stand for these kids also.”

"Classroom hunger is one the reasons children can't concentrate on studies and fall ill. If the school hours are increased there should be provision for two meals," he added.

 Partho who has been assisting his father at theatre workshops since he was three was the obvious choice to play the fiesty protagonist, Stanley.

"He has been coming to the theatre with me for 8 years now, he knows that such issues exist and is very sensitive to them. What he thinks in reality is portrayed by the characterof Stanley onscreen," Gupte said.