Mumbai: The ninth Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon has been finished with all fanfares. Mumbai Marathon, which is held every year and billed to be the richest sporting event in Asia, is not only a symbol of sporting spirit and social harmony but also raises good amounts of charity funds. Last year, a whopping amount of Rs 12.16 crore was collected for charity

The 9th edition of Mumbai Marathon has been marked with the presence of 38,000 runners irrespective of gender, class, caste and creed. Top-rung socialites, celebrities and industrialists cheered up the occasion with making their presence every year.

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Enthusiasts enroll for the marathon by paying for Rs 600 as the registration fee and are allotted with the chest numbers. Also, the chest numbers or the bibs are distributed amongst the NGOs which further sell them to various corporate houses.

The organizers of Mumbai Marathon set a separate category for children, women and senior citizens of NGOs. They usually run for a distance of 6 kilometers rather than the total distance of 42 kilometers.

The amount generated from the registrations of the participants is utilized by the Mumbai Marathon’s charity partner United Way for the betterment of the have nots of society. United Way reserves 5 percent of the entire amount as operating cost of the organization and allot the rest of funds to the NGOs. The NGOs utilize this money for social upliftment.

Last year, the mega event recorded the participation of about 131 NGO s which bagged Rs 12.16 crore as charity funds that exceeded the amount raised in 2009 edition by Rs 3 crore. With the registration of 220 NGOs this year, organizers are hoping the charity to go up till Rs 20 crores.