New Delhi: Son of late novelist Amrita Pritam, Navraj Kwatra was murdered under mysterious circumstances inside his Borivli studio on Friday. Navraj Kwatra was 65-year-old and was a film producer-photographer by profession.

As per the initial investigations, the police told that he has been either strangled or smothered to death. "Though Kwatra lived at Andheri, he used to often come to his studio in Wilderness Apartments in Borivli's LIC Colony," said DCP Mahesh Patil.

According to neighbours, two young men visited him around 12.30 PM on Friday. Soon, there was piercing shriek but people in the vicinity were not sure of where exactly it is coming from. After making out that it is coming from Kwatra’s studio, people rushed immediately and rang the doorbell but no response came from inside.

Worried over no response from inside, they moved towards the rear window in a hope to catch a glimpse of what is happening inside. In the meantime, the murderers fled from the main entrance.

Inside the studio, Navraj Kwatra was found lying gagged and bound. A packet of gift was found nearby him. It is also conjectured that the murderers would have used that to enter Kwatra’s studio.

Navraj Kwatra had moved from Delhi sometime ago. He was basically an architect but had more inclination towards creative production works. He had launched a film production company as well.


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