A source says, "Amrita reached Jaipur on Monday and was carrying three bags. Two had her designer clothes while the third had high-end footwear. On landing, she realised that the bag with footwear was missing. She reported the incident to the airline authorities who have promised to send it to the hotel where she is put up."

It is said that the footwear in the bag is worth Rs 1 lakh. Adds the source, "Amrita is in the city for one week. If she doesn’t get the bag on time, she will have to either buy new shoes or adjust with whatever is available. However, she is hopeful that the authorities will be able to trace it in time."


When contacted, Amrita says, "This is first time that my bag has gone missing at an airport. My staff is very careful. I trust the Jaipur airport authorities to find the bag for me."


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