Aligarh: The Aligarh Muslim University Teachers' Association (AMUTA) has alleged that the delay in appointing a full time Vice-Chancellor was aggravating the administrative chaos in the varsity.
In a letter to the Centre, secretary of AMUTA Mustafa Zaidi has alleged that gross irregularities were taking place in the University which has been without any VC since March 29.
According to a directive of the Supreme Court, the university is presently being managed by the registrar, who has been directed to implement the decisions of the executive council in the absence of any VC.
The secretary of AMUTA has pointed out that the problem has been compounded by the fact that the present Registrar was part of the original administrative team of previous VC Prof
P K Abdul Azis, who continues to be under cloud and is facing a CBI enquiry, the final report of which is also pending since the past several months.
Since January 16, the university was being managed by an acting VC till March 29. However, following the SC judgement, which resulted from a number of legal tangles, the university is being run not by a single individual but through a 19-member Executive Council.
In his letter to the HRD Ministry and the members of the civil society, the secretary of AMUTA has expressed grave alarm over the fact that a headless AMU administration has led to a situation wherein even the sanctity of ongoing examination process has become doubtful.
The letter points out that the administrative chaos may be gauged by the fact that for the first time in the history of this institution examiners for research degrees are being appointed by the controller of examinations bypassing the normal procedure under which it was the Committee of Advance Studies and Research (CASR) which is entitled to take these decisions.
The letter points out that the ongoing examinations at AMU were being conducted by members of the teaching staff who were facing intimidation and threats by vested interests.
The term of the previous VC Prof P K Abdul Azis ended in January even while he was facing an enquiry for alleged financial irregularity.
The present registrar Prof V K Abdul Jaleel, who was part of the previous team led by Prof Azis and also faced similar charges, continues to function as the Chief Executive in the absence of a new VC.
Finally on April 15, after months of delay, the AMU Court had forwarded a panel of three names to the President of India from which the next Vice Chancellor is to be appointed.