London: Amy Winehouse's most personal possessions including some unreleased songs have been stolen from her home.

Amy's father Mitch believes someone has stolen unreleased music, lyric books and letters belonging to the singer, who died last month under mysterious circumstances.

Only around 20 people, including family, friends, security and police, are said to have had access to the home in north London's Camden Square since the singer died on July 23, according to reports.

However only two lyric books have been officially declared missing to police.

Mitch, 60, is currently on a family holiday taken in an attempt to come to terms with the death of his daughter at the age of 27 but he has vowed to find the culprits.

Other items Amy's management can't find include one of her favourite guitars and song lyrics penned for her third album.

"This is such a sickening shock to the family. That someone would stoop so low. They can't get their heads around it. Mitch is livid. The family, record label and management are months away from deciding what to do with any unreleased music. For that to be taken out of their hands is horrible," a source said.