London: Singer Amy Winehouse may have sensed her impending death - she had chosen to spend the last three weeks contacting her friends with whom she had not spoken for years.

Sources close to the 'Rehab' hitmaker, who was found dead in her North London home on Saturday, feel that probably Winehouse knew that "her end was near", reported a website.

Earlier this month, she preferred staying at her home in Camden, North London, for six days and spent the time drinking, going through old phone books and trawling Facebook.

Amy sent texts and messaged old friends and musicians to see how they were - a lot of them she hadn't spoken to in years. Looking back at it now, it was like she was preparing for something to happen to her.

"She was lonely, so maybe she just wanted to get in touch with familiar faces, but it's something she hadn't worried about before," said a source.

"She alienated a lot of people with her behaviour, but they didn't stop loving her," the source added.

Winehouse, who had been struggling to overcome her drug addiction, was 27 when she died.