London: Mitch Winehouse, father of late singer Amy Winehouse, has turned her home into a shrine following her death there in July.
The 27-year-old singer was found dead in her north London home and her father Mitch says he still can't bear to touch some of the items in the property because he is still haunted by her tragic death, as reported.
"I can't bring myself to move some things. Some of the stuff that she left - it's still there, just as it was," he said.
Mitch says while he is struggling to come to terms with his daughter's death, he has stopped blaming the drinking establishments she went to near her Camden home.
"I used to blame places she went to, like the pubs in Camden Town, but now I don't," he added.
He also wants the council to pay tribute to Amy, who battled drink and drug addictions and was found to have died from alcohol poisoning.