London: Three songs recorded by singer Amy Winehouse before her death on July 23, are reportedly being used in the next James Bond movie.
The 27-year-old who was found dead at her London home under unexplained circumstances, had secretly penned and laid down the vocals for three tracks in the hope that it would be used for the next film about the fictional spy, reported in news daily.
"What a way to remember Amy. We want her to be known for her talent and not her drugs addiction. To have one of her songs used in the next film would be the perfect memorial to her.
"They were really a work in progress but she'd laid down the vocals and had guitar and drums as an outline. It wouldn't take much to tighten it up into a finished product, "a source said.
In 2008 producer Mark Ronson had tried to get Winehouse to record a song called 'Mission of Solace' intended to be used for the soundtrack to the last Bond film 'Quantum of Solace'. However the plans had to be scrapped because of Winehouse's erratic behaviour.