Nothing can be more unfortunate than the fact that while the Supreme Court and National Human Rights Commission have termed the Delhi police action against Baba Ramdev as unwarranted and unreasonable, the Prime Minister in a sharp contrast has justified it as a police action. There is no doubt that the police move was not only barbaric but also asinine, as the modus operandi adopted by the Delhi police against Baba Ramdev and his supporters could have led to a catastrophe. It is unfortunate that the police action which is on the receiving end from all quarters has been hailed by the Prime Minister. Such an outlandish statement was not expected from the Prime Minister who having been regarded as a sensitive politician. It is hard to reflect faith in his statement that the police team had no other option than to target the sleeping protestors in the cover of darkness. Ironically, the Prime Minister is terming his analysis of the situation as correct and genuine. It is but for sure that Prime Minister’s stock of the situation will continue to haunt him. Will the Prime Minister care to tell the people of the country that why the Delhi police attack on innocent and unarmed protestors was taken? If Ramdev and his supporters were to be removed from the Ramlila ground, it could have been done in a peaceful and respectful manner? Did Ramdev and his supporters indulge themselves in anti-national activities at Ramlila ground? If they were anti-social and treacherous, why were they permitted to enter the venue? Actually, the answers to these questions are being awaited from the Prime Minister as he himself had backed the Delhi police action. Someone should also reveal the details of the discussion that continued for couple of days between Ramdev and some senior Union ministers. It is not possible that during this time span, Ramdev would have written a letter on the written agreement.

While extending support to the Delhi police action, Prime Minister also claimed, serious efforts are being made to eradicate corruption. If it is really so, then why first Anna Hazare and thereafter Baba Ramdev had to come to Delhi? More serious question is that why did the Supreme Court take the investigation of 2G Spectrum case in its hand? Can the Union Government cite a single example where it has exposed a corruption case? The recent scams which have disgraced the Union Government have emerged on the surface due to the CAG report, RTI reports or media activism. Bringing Dayanidhi Maran to the dock is an outcome of efforts put in by the media. When Dayanidhi Maran’s name dragged in the thick of controversy over the alleged misuse of power in his tenure as Telecom minister, the Prime Minister had maintained that the investigation agencies were performing their duties. It is also evident, had media not exposed Dayanidhi Maran, both Prime Minister and the Investigating agencies would have remained silent over the issue. Is this the way to confront corruption in the country? Prime Minister is correct in his stand that he does not have a magic wand to deal with corruption, but one may have the willpower to do so. And if such is the case, why is then the government not displaying even the minimal required efforts to combat corruption.