Ji, a former Morgan Stanley technology industry analyst, co-founded All-Stars Investment Ltd in Hong Kong last April with half a dozen colleagues from the Wall Street bank.
The fund swiftly raised about $750 million to target China's vast internet sector, Ji told Reuters in an interview at his small office in Hong Kong's central business district. A Xiaomi branded television hangs on the wall.

Ji declined to name investors in his fund, but said half the money came from leading Asian corporations and the rest from business leaders in the IT, consumer and financial industries.
"As a fund, we focus on late-stage opportunities, or companies that are 2-3 years away from potential IPO," he said. "If you focus on growth-stage companies, chances are you'll pick the wrong horse."
Last year's record $25 billion IPO from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd injected new life into Chinese tech hopefuls. Alibaba and other Chinese companies raised a combined $29.3 billion through U.S. listings last year alone, minting millionaires and fuelling a rush to fund tech start-ups.
Ji reckons only one in every 60,000 internet start-ups in China makes it to a public listing.